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Some Wake Residents Still Await Answers About Ice Storm Cleanup

Posted December 23, 2002 6:09 a.m. EST

— There are 750 miles of private streets in unincorporated Wake County and, like many area roads, they are still littered with debris from the ice storm. The question now is who is going to clean it up?

When this month's ice storm bent or broke some of homeowner Dick Mazur's trees, he he took the debris to Blythewood Recovery. However, the county's contract with Blythewood ran out, and Mazur said he is unsure what to do with all of his debris.

"I can't get an answer. I called the phones and got three or four different numbers to call, and I ended up at the same place I started at," Mazur said.

Wake County commissioners have contacted Gov. Mike Easley and asked him to sort out the problem of who is going to pick up the debris, if anyone.

"I just want the Department of Transportation to make a decision. One way or another, 'Are you or are you not going to pick it up?'" said Herb Council, chairman of the Wake County commissioners.

Now facing pressure from his homeowners' association, Mazur said he is tempted to move his debris along a DOT-maintained roadway.

"I don't think it makes sense. I think it would be more safer to come to a private road and pick it up instead of putting them on state roads and blocking traffic and causing accidents," he said.

DOT engineer Bill Jones said those who have debris on a private road should not move it to a state-maintained road because of the safety concerns. DOT officials said they are still working on a plan to take care of the cleanup on the private roads.