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Thousands Of Time Warner Customers Still Waiting For Cable

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ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — Once power was restored after the ice storm, many Triangle residents realized their cable service was not working. More than 3,000 Time Warner customers in Orange County are still waiting for life to return to normal.

Not even buried cables were spared from the ice storm. Crews from Time Warner Cable have been working overtime to restore cable to customers like Elizabeth Carnes.

"It wasn't that difficult until you'd watched 'A Knight's Tale,' or 'Lilo and Stitch' five times," she said.

The Carnes family lost power for six days. Their cable and Internet service was out for 11 days, leaving them in the dark about the storm.

"I had not been able to listen to the radio because I was working on keeping the fire and the generator going. It was just frustrating," Carnes said.

Time Warner officials said that is an isolated case. The company has twice the usual number of crews in the field, mostly in Orange County. They have restored service to 98 percent of their customers, and officials said they are proud of their response.

"I feel great about the response. Our customers have gotten the service back as they have wanted and all of our associates at Time Warner Cable worked tirelessly to get service restored," Time Warner Cable spokesman Brad Phillips said.

"I don't think 11 days is an excellent response," Carnes said.

Time Warner customers will get an automatic credit for the number of days they went without cable. They expect to restore service to all customers this week. Time Warner officials said some of the customers who think they lost service just need to reprogram their TV or reset their cable box.


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