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DOT Officials Ask For Patience With Storm Debris Cleanup

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RALEIGH, N.C. — There are mountains of storm debris at local landfills, but most of the ice storm aftermath is still in yards and along roads. Officials with the state Department of Transportation (DOT) said they are working to have the area free of debris, but it may be awhile before they are complete finished.

"Be patient with us. It's going to take probably until the second week of January just for us to make one pass around the entire county. We maintain approximately 3,000 miles of roads just inside Wake County, so it takes awhile," DOT district engineer Brandon Jones said.

With 1,000 miles of roads, officials with the city of Raleigh's Street Maintenance Department said they will need several weeks to make one pass citywide. Officials said there are some basic rules residents should know when it comes to debris removal.

Cities and towns take care of removal within their boundaries. The DOT takes care of roads outside municipal limits. If your street sign starts with the letters "SR," the DOT will clear your debris.

DOT officials said there are 500,000 cubic yards of storm debris to haul away in Wake County. The average dump truck holds about 15 cubic yards, which means it would take more than 33,000 truck loads just to take care of the unincorporated areas of Wake County.


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