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N.C. Beauty Queen Ready To Put Crown Controversy Behind Her

Posted December 13, 2002 4:29 a.m. EST

— Miss America did not want her, but Miss World did. Out of more than 90 contestants, Rebekah Revels was one of the top 10 finalists. Now that she is back in North Carolina, she said she wants to put the crown controversy behind her.

Sitting in her St. Pauls living room, Rebekah Revels seems a world away from controversy. Just two weeks ago, she was in Nigeria for the Miss World Pageant, but due to deadly rioting, it was moved to London. Revels said her dad wanted her to come home.

"I made a choice to be in the pageant and I was going to stick through it until the end," Revels said.

In the end, Revels made the top 10 and won the talent show with her singing. An executive from Sony Music heard her perform at the pageant and now wants her to record a demo tape.

"My passion is to be onstage. Anyone who knows me knows that and if this is the avenue God is going to take me down, I'll travel it and see what happens," Revels said.

However, Revels said any recording deal would be way off. She plans to spend the next year being the U.S. representative to Miss World.

Revels expects to travel the country and promote a new system of 10 regional pageants to pick a U.S. contestant. As for the North Carolina crown controversy, she still has lawsuits pending, but she said she still feels on top of the world.

"I've moved on," she said.

Revels expects to start traveling right after the holidays. Her goal is to visit every state.