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Bullet Fired Into Car On I-40, Almost Hits Passenger

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. — A busy drive down I-40 Tuesday afternoon turned dangerous for April White.

"I heard 'pow, pow' and asked my passenger: 'Did you hear those shots?'" White said. "Then I heard this 'thunk.'"

The bullet hole near the back of White's car shows how close the bullet came to hitting her front-seat passenger.

"About three feet away from where my passenger was," she said.

"That was my concern - was anybody else traveling on I-40? Because it's so extrememly busy all the time."

It's still unknown where the shot came from, or whether it was intentional or not.

Investigators with the Johnston County Sheriff's Department haven't found the shell casing.

After the bullet hit her car, White pulled over and called authorities. But when they arrived, the shooters were gone.

"I had heard 10 other shots after that while I was making the call," White said.

White said she wonders if the shooter was a hunter, or someone intentionally aiming at cars.

"As loud as the traffic was, if I could hear the gun shots," White said, "they could hear the traffic."

Investigators say tracking down whoever fired the shot will be difficult because there was no evidence at the scene.

Anyone near I-40 and Highway 42 who saw anything suspicious Tuesday afternoon is asked to call the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

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