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Tis The Season To Steal In Cumberland County

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Authorities in Cumberland County say recent numbers prove armed robberies are becoming a big problem this time of year.

Since the beginning of November, authorities say there have been 21 robberies in Cumberland County where the suspect has used a gun or force to steal from a victim. Detectives say it is common everywhere during the holidays.

"People have more cash and items of value on them or in their homes, so it makes it easier for those stealing and robbing to obtain it this time of year," said Lt. Sam Pennica, of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Grace Overby, 72, was at her dry cleaning business Nov. 8 when

she was beaten and robbed

. She went back to work a few days later, not even realizing the suspects had broken two of her ribs.

"If I don't know them, they'll have to come back when someone is here. I'm not going to open the door to just anybody," Overby said.

Two men are behind bars for her attack. Lately, Overby's husband of 50 years has come to work with her. He has convinced her to close the doors at the end of year.

"It could happen at home just as good as it could here. They're breaking in houses and everything, but I feel more safe at home," she said.

Authorities are also asking to be alert when taking money out of an ATM. They are investigating a case where a man withdrew money and then went home. A short time later, authorities say he was robbed. They think the suspects may have watched him then followed him home.


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