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N.C. Residents Not Only Victims Of Recent Ice Storm

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RALEIGH, N.C. — For days, residents across North Carolina have heard the sounds of cracking and snapping trees as a result of the recent ice storm. Some trees were a total loss while others were damaged, and officials believe that may lead to the spread southern pine beetles.

Southern pine beetles are attracted to damaged pine trees by the sweet pine scent. Unfortunately, officials said there is no easy cure.

"For the homeowner in particular, there really isn't a recommended chemical that you could use to prevent the pine beetles from attacking your trees," Decker said.

Officials claim the only thing to do once the beetles get into a tree is to cut the tree down and remove it.

All across the area, trees -pines in particular -have suffered damage from the storm. All the cleanup will keep landscaper Michael McNeil busy for weeks.

"What a mess," he said. "There's been a lot of damage, limbs everywhere."

Moore County homeowner John Valeri said the tree damage is depressing to him.

"It makes me sick because I love the trees," he said. "I bought the lot because of all the trees on it and each year, I lose a few."

Even WRAL-TV's azalea gardens in Raleigh were not spared from the wintry weather.

"It's a shame what we're seeing out here," WRAL horticulturist Gil Decker said. "I don't think there is a single tree that doesn't have some damage on it."

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