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Police Look For Two Suspects In Durham School Bus Shooting

Posted December 3, 2002 9:04 a.m. EST

— Authorities say they are looking for at least two suspects in the Monday shooting of a school bus in Durham.

Dozens of officers searched the area Tuesday for anything that may lead them to the person who fired a shot into Bus 285 on Merrick Street.

"When you target children, we have a serious problem.," said Detective David Addison of the Durham Police Department. "We want to get whoever did this, apprehend them and take them in."

Nearly 20 children from Pearsontown Elementary School were on board when the bullet ripped through the back of the bus. One child was treated for minor injuries from flying glass. Driver Shanita Morgan was grazed in the head.

"I felt a thrush against my head," Morgan said, "and when I stopped the bus and looked under my foot, there was a bullet laying on the floor. The kids were screaming and crying, so I calmed them down."

Authorities said they have not ruled out that the incident was gang-related.

Just seconds before the bus was hit, authorities said a nearby apartment was targeted. Police believe the two shootings may be connected.

"It doesn't make sense, really, because when you start putting innocent children in jeopardy, it's scary, and you never know what it does to a kid," said Dana Richardson, who was in the apartment when the shooting occurred.

"We believe there were several people out here, and we knew that there were several witnesses," Addison said. "We believe the suspect resides in this area or hangs out in this area."

The school system plans to send out newsletters to parents alerting them to the situation.