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HDTV Sales Expected To Rise As Prices Drop, Programming Grows

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RALEIGH, N.C. — More people should find high-definition TVs under the tree this year.

There are two main reasons for that: High-definition televisions are dropping in price, and there is more programming available, including Carolina Hurricanes hockey.

An HDTV remote broadcast truck was set up at the RBC Center to televise Wednesday's Carolina game to HDTV viewers. The game was the first of 10 games to be telecast this season on WRAZ-DT and Time Warner digital cable.

Hockey is apparently an ideal sport for high-definition broadcasting. The wider field of view lets people see more of the ice, and the clearer picture lets viewers see more of the action.

The wide screen and superior clarity are two more reasons for the increasing sales of high-definition TVs.

The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that more than two million HD sets will be sold, with the number growing to more than 10 million in the next four years.

HDTV leads the list of digital TV products. Prices have dropped 50 per cent in four years.

Prices range from below $1,300 to more than $11,000. In most cases, the cost of a set-top converter must be added to the HDTV purchase price.

WRAL-DT, WRAL's high-definition channel, offers 59 hours of HD programming each week.

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