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Man Claims Turkey Stolen Out Of His House

Posted November 28, 2002 11:45 a.m. EST

— Though many people say holidays are a time for giving, at least one person apparently considers them a time for taking.

An elderly Wake County man called police after he said someone stole his turkey right out of his freezer.

William Hinton has lived in his house on Rock Quarry Road for 75 years. He's not exactly sure how old he is, perhaps close to 90. But he's very sure he put a turkey in this freezer Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, it was gone.

"Oh, I was just looking everywhere," Hinton said. "I ain't never seen anything like that."

Hinton believes someone broke into his house while he was sleeping and stole the turkey. He called Raleigh police and filed a report even though he knew there was little chance he'd get his bird back.

He still was able to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, however; a replacement turkey was donated to him by some friends.

Hinton said he was going to call his sister-in-law and ask her to cook the turkey for him.