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Family Remembers Sept. 11 With Unique Flag

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GOLDSBORO, N.C. — As the United States continues its war against terrorism, two brothers in Wayne County hope to do their part with a one-of-a-kind flag design.

The unique idea came about after a TV report struck a chord last year for the Fitzmaurice family of Wolcott, N.Y. The family was shocked to learn that news commentators speaking over footage of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks couldn't remember the date of the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

In an effort to help America remember Sept. 11, the family created its own flag.

Since then, Dan Fitzmaurice has moved to Wayne County. He's flying a flag in front of his house in Pikeville, and he's also selling the flags to raise money for the victim's families.

"Everyone gave money at the beginning, and they're going to continue to need money to rebuild," Fitzmaurice said. "Those families, those children are going to have to go to school someday, and they're going to continuously need that support, I think."

The Fitzmaurice's flag is blue and black, with red, white and blue stars.

The blue represents the three states that were hit. The black represents sorrow. The white stars are for the two towers, the blue star for the Pentagon.

The red star represents Flight 93. All four stars touch to represent unity.

Fitzmaurice's brother, Brian, a staff sergeant at Seymour Johnson AFB, said: "I love this design.

"I think it is very symbolic of what happened," Brian said, "and I think it represents the day well."

The brothers hope to see the symbol really catch on as a way to ensure that America never forgets what happened. They'll also have a petition asking Congress to make the design the official symbol of Sept. 11.

Proceeds from the flag will go to the "Firefighter's Fund" and the "Veterans Outreach Program."

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