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Not My Cell: Local Man Gets Sprint Bill, No Phone

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ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — When a local man got a bill for something he did not owe, he said he was worried that it would damage his credit. He called Five On Your Side.

The Rev. Glen Moore's nickname is "Reverend Freaky D."

He said the story behind the name began in July of 2002, when he received a letter from Sprint PCS thanking him for his wireless phone application.

"I really didn't pay that much attention to exactly what it said. I just thought it was a mistake, so I didn't think about it," said Moore.

Moore said Sprint got his attention when they sent him a bill for the phone a few weeks later.

When he dialed the cell phone number, he was forwarded to the "owners" voicemail, he said.

"His name was 'Freaky D,' and it's been kind of a joke around here because now they know me as Reverend Freaky D," said Moore.

Moore said he did not think it was funny. When he called Sprint PCS, he said a representative told him to go to a local Sprint store.

He was directed to call the fraud department on a special phone.

Moore said someone was supposed to call him back, but no one did.

When Moore returned to the Sprint store and went through the process again, he finally got a call.

A representative said that "Freaky D" used Moore's information to have a phone sent to him, but the phone bill was sent to Moore.

Moore said the Sprint representative promised to resolve it.

"I thought 'No problem.' This was someone who was very apologetic. They were sorry it happened. And I thought that was it. But it wasn't," said Moore.

Bills totaling more than $440 continued to come to Moore. According to Moore, Sprint demanded payment.

"Very frustrating. Very time consuming," said Moore of the situation.

"The day you called me and told me you called them, it was like that night or the next day, they called me and assured me over and over again that this was taken care of," said Moore.

Five On Your Side resolved the situation and Moore said he is leaving "Freaky D" and the nickname behind. Now, he said, he is more aware.

"It's one of those things you really don't ever think is going to happen to you and when it does, it just kind of floors you," said Moore.


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