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Cumberland Families Mourn Loss Of Pets At Animal Hospital

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Another pet has died following a fire at an animal hospital in Fayetteville last weekend. The dog was one of two that were in critical condition.

Saturday, fire broke out in the boarding area at Cumberland Animal Hospital. It was caused by a faulty air purolator.

A total of 14 dogs and cats have died from smoke inhalation. Six others were injured. Some of the animals remain in the hospital.

Veterinarian Dr. Millard Price is still saddened by the loss, extending her sympathies to the families that owned the animals.

"They've, in good faith, entrusted their pets with me, " she said, "and they come back and they [their pets] have perished in the fire. It's devastating for all of us because we can't give them back their beloved pets.

Officials say a fire broke out Saturday in the boarding area of the hospital. Investigators think the fire started from an air purifier.

Rhonda Hutson lost Tomasino, who she rescued just six months ago.

"I'm extremely devastated this happened, but I know it was nobody's fault," she said.

Seven pets survived and were taken to other area hospitals. They are all suffering from smoke inhalation. Two of the animals remain critical.

Kenny and Amanda Misa had just returned to town when they got the call about their pet, Clyde, who was in the hospital. They said, despite Clyde's eyes being sore from the smoke and having his leg shaved for an IV, he is already back to his lazy self.

"We are definitely one of the lucky ones. Clyde is part of our family, so without Clyde, it would be a sad Thanksgiving. That's for sure," Amanda said.

Crews said they will spend this holiday week cleaning up the fire damage.


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