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Hurricanes In HD

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RALEIGH, N.C. — In a unique partnership, WRAZ-TV/DT, Time Warner Cable, and The Carolina Hurricanes will broadcast ten Carolina Hurricanes games in High-Definition on WRAZ-DT and on Time Warner Cable.

Nothing demonstrates the advantages of HDTV like live sports, and the fast-paced nature of hockey showcases this new technology especially well. Digital viewers will be able to see the players like never before, and the 16:9 wide aspect ratio of HDTV as well as the exceptional resolution, will offer hockey fans unprecedented field of view and clarity.

"HD captures all the incredible excitement of NHL action," said Tommy Schenck, General Manager, FOX 50 WRAZ-TV/DT. "It really adds a whole new dimension to the game."

"We are excited to be working with WRAZ and the Hurricanes to bring this exclusive programming to Time Warner Cable," said Tom Adams, President of the Raleigh-Fayetteville division of Time Warner Cable. "The ten HD games will not be available on the satellite TV services," he added.

The Carolina Hurricanes 2002 NHL Eastern Conference Championship title propelled local hockey support to new levels, and as area hockey enthusiasm continues to grow, these High-Definition broadcasts will provide the local fan-base with the highest quality sports coverage.

"This emerging technology is incredible for our sport, " said Ken Lehner, VP Marketing Communications of the Carolina Hurricanes. "This will only fuel the growing enthusiasm for Carolina Hurricanes hockey." Lehner added, "The Hurricanes will be just the fourth team in the NHL that will be broadcasting in HD with a local rights holder."

To watch this select, ten-game package in High-Definition, viewers with High-Definition displays can turn to WRAZ-DT (channel 49.1 or 49.2 DTV) or to Time Warner Digital Cable channel 250. Time Warner Digital subscribers without a High-Definition display will be able to watch a standard definition broadcast of the game on digital channel 251.

Games to be carried on WRAZ-DT:

  • November 27 : 7:00pm EST vs. Vancouver
  • December 18: 7:00pm EST vs. Tampa Bay
  • January 12: 5:00pm EST vs. Colorado
  • January 20: 7:00pm EST vs. St. Louis
  • February 23: 1:30pm EST vs. Anaheim
  • March 4: 7:00pm EST vs. Boston
  • March 7: 7:00pm EST vs. Minnesota
  • March 10: 7:00pm EST vs. Columbus
  • March 25: 7:00pm EST vs. Toronto
  • March 29: 7:00pm EST vs. Buffalo
  • Note: This schedule is subject to change.

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