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Raleigh Police Want To Create New District Plan

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh police are making changes you may notice on the streets.

Raleigh police chief Jane Perlov wants to divide the city into six sectors with neighborhood substations that will allow residents to partner with police.

"They can expect to see a spirit of cooperation that they might not have seen before, and they can expect to be full partners with the police department and policing their neighborhood," she said.

Under Perlov's plan, detectives would be assigned to districts instead of particular crimes. Each district would have the power to decide how many officers should patrol and where they should do it.

Some officers said the new system is long overdue.

"The district system is going to provide a lot more accountability and a lot more freedom for the officers we currently have running from call to call and it's just a sort of chaos. This will provide more stability," officer Jim Knidiffer said.

Perlov said she wants to start a pilot program in southeast Raleigh, which would take place this budget year.


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