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Chunky Heels Stack Up Problems For Women

Posted November 6, 2002 2:29 a.m. EST

— Chunky-heeled platform shoes are popular with women. They are fashionable and many women buy them for comfort.

But are their feet are taking a toll for the sake of fashion?

At North Carolina State University, many women walk across the campus in their chunky-heeled shoes.

Finance major Monica Murphy did not think twice about buying her alligator boots.

She said, "I feel taller! These aren't too bad. Maybe 4 inches or so. I can walk around all day in these."

Murphy might not have problems, but for many women, the price of fashion is a real pain.

Wider, higher heels put added pressure on the knees, achilles tendons, and ankles.

Studies show that chunky platform shoes can cause more than 30 problems, including tendonitis, heel spurs and shin splints. The ideal heel height is no more than 2 inches, according to experts.

The comfort of the shoes adds to the problem. Researchers said women tend to wear chunky heels hours longer than regular pumps, which adds to the risk of injury.