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Henderson Woman Does Honest Thing, Returns Lost Bag Of Money

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HENDERSON, N.C. — Some people live by the motto "Finders, Keepers", but not a Henderson woman who found a bag with more than $1,600 in it.

King Adcox supplements his disability checks with a little money selling produce and fresh seafood. Last Friday, he had $1,600 cash in a leather bank bag, more than a year's worth of produce profits. He set it above the door while he loaded the van.

"[I] closed my door and forgot that I had put the bag on top," he said.

Adcox said he did not know where the bag fell off, only that it was gone.

"Originally, I thought I had a heart attack. I didn't think I was going to live through this. I really didn't," he said.

Betty Gooch was the first to see the bag in the Vance County Courthouse parking lot. Instead of taking it home, she took it straight to the sheriff's office and turned it in.

"I know I won't take what belongs to somebody else, so whatever is in it, if it's money, I won't take it or use it," she said.

"God wanted me to get that money back. I really believe that," Adcox said. "Good church people just can't hold on to something like that that don't belong to them."

Gooch is an unemployed single mom of a 6-year-old daughter. She could use a windfall of cash, but she prefers a clean conscience.

"I feel great inside. I did a nice, wonderful thing," she said.

Adcox rewarded Gooch with $100 and continues to leave her gifts of fruit and vegetables from his produce business.