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NCSU Police Recover Stolen Computers On Internet

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Police at North Carolina State University said they caught some computer thieves with the help of a computer.

Police recovered nearly $60,000 worth of computers that were posted for sale on


, an Internet auction Web site.

"It has become a great mechanism for people who do participate in theft to offload the equipment quickly," said an NCSU police officer.

Campus police arrested and charged Robert Truit, an N.C. State student, with breaking and entering into two locked computer storage rooms in Jordan Hall. They said there were no signs of forced entry.

Authorities said Cory Fulton, Chris Sparrow and Philip Abbott were involved in selling the computers online and have also been charged.

"We actually worked with eBay, and eBay was really great in assisting us and getting us the person who had that up on the site," said the officer.

Thefts on campus are up six times what they have been in past years, according to

campus police

. They said $200,000 worth of stolen items have not been recovered.