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Grant, Miller Exchange Barbs Over State's 13th District

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Republican Carolyn Grant and Democrat Brad Miller are slinging attacks that are both political and personal in the battle over the state's 13th Congressional district.

Grant was all smiles in Raleigh as she introduced EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman to supporters on Wednesday, but she has not been smiling a lot since Miller launched an assault over the airwaves. An ad from the Miller campaign alleges "Carolyn Grant even admitted in court she took $40,000 of her son's college money because she wanted to buy a new car."

Grant calls the accusations "totally untrue." Her son, Forest, has come to her defense in this commercial.

"Brad Miller's attacks on my mom are wrong. She bought a car for me to use to go to school, which was needed," he said.

A former Democrat who once contributed to a Miller campaign, Grant is running attack ads of her own. One ad alleges Miller is "a liberal." The ad also alleges "last year, Miller raised taxes over $1 billion."

Grant claims she is taking the high road by limiting criticism to Miller's record.

"I've tried to talk about my opponent's voting record, not attack him personally, which he has done to me," she said.

"Everything she's done in this campaign has been an attack on me, a distortion of my record in the legislature," Miller said.

Both candidates say they would rather discuss issues than sling mud.

"I'd rather be talking about how to improve the public schools. I try to talk about how to provide health care that is affordable and acceptable to middle-class families," Miller said.

"When I travel across the district, the main issue is jobs and unemployment and the economy," Miller said.

The Libertarian candidate in the 13th district 13 is Greensboro resident Alex MacDonald. The newly created district stretches from Greensboro to Raleigh.


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