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Gardening Deals In Full Bloom

Posted October 30, 2002 9:37 a.m. EST

— If you live in the Triangle and enjoy gardening, you are not alone.

A national gardening magazine ranks the Triangle as the eighth top area in the country for people with a passion for planting.

Research shows almost 50 percent of Triangle residents list gardening as one of their favorite activities.

Because of this year's drought, nurseries did not sell much inventory. Many are now cutting prices to clear out the plants.

"For the industry, it has meant that there is a lot of inventory out there that a lot of growers would have otherwise sold -- trees and shrubbery and perennials in the summer and early fall. So it makes it really good for the consumer at this point," said Joe Stoffregen of Homewood Nursery.

Experts said this is a good time to plant flowers, trees and shrubs. They get a jump start for next spring and develop better tolerance to drought.

Add favorable planting weather to the sale prices and it is a deal gardeners just cannot pass up.

The Triangle's garden plant industry brings in more than $350 million a year.