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Some Motorists Not Pleased With New Western Boulevard Interchange

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh voters approved a $45 million road bond to improve their daily drive. However, some drivers say the bond money is making their drive worse at Western Boulevard near the Beltline.

Raleigh road crews have reworked the interchange at Western Boulevard and the Beltline. Instead of a slow, curving ramp onto the Beltline, it is now a sharp 75-degree turn. Some motorists do not like the new interchange.

"I think it's stupid. It's confusing, I mean, you know it's just stupid. It's that simple," driver Carol Richburg said.

"I think it's useless. It's a pain in the butt for me. I travel it every single morning," driver Burt McLean said.

City traffic engineers say they are trying to make the interchange safer by changing the angle, forcing people to slow down. Some drivers say that is just fine.

"I go over there [often] to the movie theater and it seems to me like it'd be OK," driver Ron Wilson said.

One of the main reasons for the redesign is the creation of a new path for both bikes and walkers. Part of the Raleigh road bond money is paying for work all along Western Boulevard. The work includes the bike/pedestrian path, interchange upgrades, a raised median and improved traffic signals.


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