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Crime In Downtown Raleigh On Decline

Posted October 29, 2002 10:26 a.m. EST

— A new police report shows crime is down nearly 20 percent in the downtown area of Raleigh compared with numbers from the same time a year ago.

For the last eight months, Raleigh police have been working on a plan to curb crime in the downtown area, and they say the latest information is proof the plan is working. The plan includes getting officers out on the streets on foot, bike and mounted patrols.

"We're not just reacting to the crimes themselves. We're trying to prevent the crimes before they happen," said Lt. Tim Shermer, of the Raleigh Police Department.

The new downtown unit is a pilot program for a larger "precinct" plan that would give cops in specific areas control of how to staff, based on crime trends. Police hope to get the rest of the city under the plan downtown is using sometime next year.