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Jewelry Store Owner: 'Burglar That Did This Was Not Very Smart'

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Standing in the garden patio of the Portabello Restuarant, you can see nicks where thieves pried open the door to the restaurant. They made it inside, but their plan to get the gold didn't quite work out.

Someone went hunting for treasure Thursday night at the Gold Mine Jewelry Shop - by trying to smash through a restaurant wall into the jewelry shop on the other side.

According to shop owner Tom Martin, "the burglar that did this was not very smart."

When Martin arrived at his store, he found his floor covered in glass.

At first, he thought his showcase just fell to the ground. But then he looked closer.

"It looked like an axe; we refer to him as the axe burglar," Martin said. "I guess he hit the one chop there, broke all the glass, and the alarm went off. The rest is history."

Jewelry shop worker Jeanne Nawaz fears the thief or thieves may hit again. She's warned neighboring jewelers.

"This has been done before in the area," Nawaz said, "and the policeman told us that this was the second incident."

Martin has owned his jewelry shop for 16 years. He says this is the first time someone tried to break in.

Although nothing was taken, Martin estimates it will take a couple of thousand dollars to repair his wall and replace his glass and carpet.

But he's thankful his precious metals are safe and sound.

"Maybe this will alert some other stores to be careful at night," he said, "and to be a little more observant at night."

Although nothing was taken, some change was taken from the restaurant's cash register.

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