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Two Vance County Cub Scouts Attacked By Rottweiler

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — While making their rounds Wednesday selling popcorn, two Vance County Cub Scouts were attacked by a large Rottweiler.

Jamaal, Dominique and Xavier Gregory were collecting money for a scout troop fund-raiser when Shotgun, a broke loose from his chain, crossed a road and lunged at 6-year-old Jamaal.

"Jamaal was laying on the ground. Dominique laid on top of him to get the dog off and at the same time, he was still beating the dog," said Martha Gregory, the boys' mother.

Shotgun then dragged Jamaal by the arm.

"He's got sharp teeth and they were long, real long," Jamaal said.

"Me and him (Jamaal) kicked the dog in the stomach. The dog got off, but he came back," Dominique said.

Xavier ran for help. Neighbors distracted the dog and rescued the boys. Neither Edward Burt, Shotgun's owner, nor any of his family were home for comment.

For the next 10 days, Shotgun will stay at the Vance County animal shelter, waiting for the results of rabies tests. If he is rabies-free, his owner can take him home, but there may be restrictions.

"[I] like to use a pen, a locked pen with a top on it. That's usually my requirements for it," said Johnny Jones of Vance County Animal Control.

The Gregorys said Shotgun should have been in a pen to begin with. Vance County's new leash law went into effect Oct. 7.


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