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Fisher Rex Issues Sandwich Recall After Listeria Found

Posted October 22, 2002 8:31 a.m. EDT

— Fisher Rex Sandwich has begun a voluntary recall of chicken salad sandwiches produced in their its Raleigh plant.

The recalled products are labeled as "Fisher Rex Chicken Salad on Wheat" and "Fisher Rex Chicken Salad."

They're being recalled after laboratory tests conducted by the North Carolina Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services detected the presence of a strain of Listeria.

The particular strain can be extremely dangerous to individuals with weakened immune systems.

The sandwiches are sold in three and three-quarter-ounce packages and bear the sell-by dates of October 27, October 29, and November 11.

The products were shipped to convenience and grocery stores throughout North Carolina, and consumers are advised to either discard the product or return it to the store where it was purchased.