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Wake Forest Officials 'Bugged' Over Roach Problem

Posted October 22, 2002 3:31 a.m. EDT

— An abandoned house on North Taylor Street in Wake Forest has become a plague in one neighborhood. Roaches and other bugs from the house are infesting nearby homes, and now Wake Forest officials have their hands full.

"They were terrible, but I bought a lot of stuff down at the Home Depot to keep them down around my house," said E.D. Mitchell, who lives next door.

Officials claim the problem began a year ago when the owner of the infested house moved to a nursing home. The situation has bugged Wake Forest inspector Bruce Daniel for weeks.

"We looked inside and that was a breeding ground as well," Daniel said.

The daughter of the owner is trying to get the house cleaned and fumigated.

"[We] made permanent plans with the exterminating company to treat this property until the roach situation is taken care of and then we are going to take care of the house situation," Daniel said.

Town officials said they cannot demolish the house because the bugs would spread more quickly. Mitchell said he is glad he spoke up about the roach problem.

"If you don't speak up, they'll be in your house," he said.

Daniel said the house cannot be torn down or burned unless the owner or his daughter give their approval.