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Clayton Rescue Claims City Not Doing Enough To Keep Them Dry

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CLAYTON, N.C. — A longstanding feud is heating up again following recent heavy rains. The Clayton rescue squad was flooded and workers claim the city is not doing enough to keep them dry, but the city says that is not the case.

More than $40,000 in medical supplies were ruined in last week's flash flooding.

"Well, it's frustrating because we tried so hard for free to get this place then to see the things that we worked for get ruined," said Chief Jason Thompson of Clayton Area Rescue.

It is the second time the Clayton Rescue Squad has flooded this year. Members of the squad say it is time to move and members are willing to pay for it, but they claim the city is holding them back. The independent squad turned down an opportunity last year to join the city fire and rescue unit. Squad members believe hard feelings at City Hall have held up their building permit.

"The town is not fixing the drainage problem, so it is either sit here in high water or we are going to have to move out of town. We are being held hostage in our own facility," Thompson said.

City Manager Steve Biggs is welcome to build a new facility, but they must have the proper approval.

"We feel very comfortable with the rescue squad moving forward with their proposed new facility. I think it is not only a good thing, but it is an essential thing," he said. "There are some legitimate site issues that the planning board is responsible for dealing with, but from our perspective, those issues have been dealt with and the project should move forward."

Clayton's planning board could take up the new building permit as early as next month.


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