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Cary Woman Contacts Five On Your Side About 'Cable' Problem

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CARY, N.C. — After a Cary woman waited four months for her cable problem to be resolved, she called Five on Your Side for help.

Lee Starlin said her Road Runner connection goes out so often that she always knows where to look and what to do. She looks outside and adjusts the cable in her yard.

"We come out here and just put it back together," she said. "We've done it at least two or three times a week...if not more."

The problem is that about 100 feet of Starlin's cable runs on top of the ground across her back yard and her street.

Starlin said it is at least the fourth "temporary" cable Time Warner has hooked up in just the last four months. The whole time, she said she has been calling to get a permanent line installed.

"It's frustration. It's frustration because there's nothing to do. We can't do anything other than call and call and call," Starlin said.

So Starlin called Five on Your Side and Five On Your Side called Time Warner.

The next day, a crew fixed the cable. Time Warner officials could not explain the specific hold up, but spokeswoman Virginia Yopp said in general, they are usually "overwhelmed this time of year" because of "summer weather delays."

Regardless, Starlin said she is just happy the temporary cable is gone.

"Not behind my driveway, not kids running over it, not in my neighbor's driveway, to have it gone, to have the work done is wonderful," she said.

Starlin said everything has been working fine since the replacement.