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Runoff From Construction Projects Threatens Eno River

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DURHAM, N.C. — Construction projects in Durham were flooded due to Friday's heavy rains and have left the Eno River a sea of mud. Now, those who work to protect the river are now worried about its health.

Heavy rains caused a major mess Friday and temporarily closed Guess Road in Durham. Crews spent most of the day trying to clear the mud of the road, while heavy rain made the job a sloppy scene. Lori Olson, of the Eno River Association, said her group had complained to the state Department of Transportation about failing erosion control along the road.

Olson said she is worried that the mud will damage animal life in the river.

"When you have a big infiltration of sediment like this, it can almost annihilate those populations," she said.

Olson said her group is not opposed to development, but she feels better sediment control is needed on construction sites.

"You know we have great concern for the health of the ecosystem of the Eno River and we want to see that what we are working hard to protect is also being protected by the state of North Carolina," she said.

DOT officials are looking at ways to improve the environmental situation.


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