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PETA Targets Lunchtime Patrons In Raleigh

Posted October 10, 2002 7:43 a.m. EDT

— The lunchtime crowd at City Market got an unexpected sideshow Wednesday. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) rolled out a big-screen video of animal slaughter within a few feet of diners.

PETA's new reality TV truck rolled up in front of Greenshields Brewery and Pub for an hour-long display of animal slaughter on the big screen. The group forgot to get a permit. A Raleigh police officer told the protesters they could stay, but their signs had to go.

Bill Rivas, PETA's campaign manager, denied that showing the video to restaurant patrons at lunchtime was distasteful.

"Most people really need to know that if they are eating meats in any way, they are supporting this type of industry, and people actually appreciate us showing this video to them," he said.

Most of the lunchtime patrons did not care to watch the video, but a few people stopped and watched. PETA's video and message changed Tim Newkirt's mind.

"I've seen a lot of slaughtering. It made me not want to eat any meat," he said.

Matt Turner said he is slowly changing his diet.

"I try to minimize the amount of meat that I eat in general to begin with, so I am not one of these 'throw down a steak for dinner every night-type' person at all," he said.

PETA officials said they consider showing the video a vegetarian campaign, saying if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.

PETA said their campaign is also about health, saying that several diseases are linked to animal products.