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Attorney, Affidavit Claim Revels Being Passed Over For Appearances As Miss N.C.

Posted October 4, 2002 6:03 a.m. EDT

— Rebekah Revels' attorney and a court document claims that the Miss North Carolina Pageant Organization may not be telling the truth about the number of appearances it has booked for the beauty contestant.

Attorneys for Revels claim state pageant officials should be held in contempt for failing to schedule her for appearances as Miss North Carolina. However, the North Carolina pageant addressed the contempt issue by filing a response that claims over 40 appearances have been scheduled for Revels.

WRAL found that response and it only lists 17 events. According to an affidavit, Revels and the group sponsoring the event have agreed to her appearance for seven dates. The affidavit also lists nine events declined by the sponsor, including a state charity kick-off, an event where the other Miss North Carolina Misty Clymer performed. However, Debbie Crane, publicity chairman for that fund-raiser, claimed she did not decline the offer.

"We asked for Miss North Carolina back when Misty Dawn Clymer was definitely Miss North Carolina, signed a contract so we assumed if it was two, we had the one we signed the contract with, but we did not decline and had we been offered, we would have accepted it for both of them. It would have been even better to have both women there," Crane said.

When contacted by phone, two other sponsors listed as declining Revels say they never declined her. They claimed that they just asked for Clymer.

Revels initially won the Miss North Carolina pageant, but she was asked to resign after her ex-fiance told pageant officials that he allegedly had topless photos of her. Revels later won her title back in court.

Bary Nakell, Revels' attorney, filed an amendment to add Miss America officials to the state pageant lawsuit. Nakell claims both pageants are working together and his amendment alleges negligence and intentional emotional distress.

"Those are based on the ways that the organizations handled the scurrilous e-mail that they received from a man who they were told by Rebekah had been abusive to her in a relationship. She broke up for that reason and it should have been apparent to anybody that the e-mail was a continuation of that abuse," Nakell said.

Friday's hearing only lasted a few minutes. A judge scheduled a hearing for Oct. 25 to hear the contempt motion.

Revels appeared Friday on the nationally syndicated "Dr. Phil Show," seeking advice on how to move on from this issue.

"What we want is the feeling that comes with it," said Dr. Phil McGraw. "What we want is that sense of accomplishment. That sense of achievement, that sense of having distinguished yourself in the face of America. I'm telling you, in fact, that you have done that and can continue to do so as you hold your head up and walk right through the fire."

Revels' ex-fiance, Tosh Welch, has until Oct. 15 to hand over the alleged photos. Revels' attorney said that he has been contacted by a person who claims that by Monday, he may be representing Welch and those pictures.