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Specialists: Hearing Aids Better Than Ever

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DURHAM, N.C. — Some think hearing aids are large and cumbersome, but according to health experts, the latest hearing aid models are better and smaller.

Jerry Hatfield-Berrang, a hearing instrument specialist, helped choir director Jeff Bray fine-tuning his hearing aid.

"I'm hearing things that I've never heard before," said Bray, who just upgraded from an analog to a digital hearing aid.

"The most common cause of hearing loss is the aging process," said Berrang.

However, younger people are becoming more comfortable with idea of wearing hearing aids, according to Berrang.

"The stigma of wearing hearing aids is slowly disappearing. I'm seeing more and more baby boomers in here," he said.

Berrang said the improvements should be credited to smaller hearing aids and better technology.

"The technology really makes a big difference. Digital really is the way to go," Berrang explained.

The latest hearing aid models fit far down in the ear canal, so they are barely visible.


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