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Revels Or Clymer? Miss North Carolina Makes Appearance

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Miss America Pageant may be over, but the work of Miss North Carolina continues.

Misty Clymer sang and signed autographs at a state employee charity kickoff.As Miss North Carolina, she has a busy schedule with more that 50 appearances lined up.

"Tomorrow I'll be at the Pumpkin Festival," she said.

Clymer was booked to perform at Friday's meeting shortly after Rebekah Revels resigned as Miss North Carolina in July.

Revels' attorney, Barry Nakell, said since a judge reinstated her contract, Revels has not been booked by the North Carolina Pageant Organization at all.

After returning from Atlantic City, Revels said she was told both women would share the crown.

A North Carolina Pageant committee member said that is true, and that whoever books Miss North Carolina for an appearance can choose who they want to appear.

Nakell, said pageant officials are violating a court order if they let Clymer appear as Miss North Carolina. Nakell is now considering options.

While Clymer was performing Friday, Revels was on Fox News telling her story again.

In answer to the question "Who are you angry at?" Revels said, "Probably my ex-boyfriend and pageant officials, because they made a hasty decision on my behalf."

Pageant officials did not return WRAL's phone calls.

The Miss North Carolina board is expected to take up the tiara tug-of-war at a meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, there will be a hearing on whether the North Carolina pageant and Revels should head to arbitration. That is tied to one of several lawsuits filed by Revels.

George Bauer, interim president of the Miss America Organization, said since Miss America has recognized Clymer all along and owns the name, they may fight to keep Revels from using the Miss North Carolina title.

Bauer expects to make a recommendation to the local pageant on that issue Monday. Revels still has several lawsuits pending, including one to get the photos back from her former fiance.


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