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After Months Of Trying, Raleigh Neighborhood Gets Guardrail

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Speeding, driving drunk and not paying attention can all lead to car accidents. When the cars end up off the road and in your back yard, that is an even bigger problem. After months of trying and enlisting the help of Five On Your Side, one Wake County neighborhood finally has a solution to its accident-prone road problem.

The drivers whizzing by New Hope Church Road are not giving a guardrail on that road a second thought, mainly because they do not live on the other side. Mary Grace McCoy and Pauline Evans said they are so thrilled about the rail because they feel it will protect their children from a dangerous situation.

"That's the nicest looking metal I ever saw," McCoy said.

Last month, a car ran off the road and landed behind Evans' and McCoy's homes. It was the eighth accident in the last eight years in that area. Five cars went through their fences into their yards right where their children play.

"I'm just terrified that it's going to come right down that hill and go through the fence and get them," McCoy said.

The women say they tried for years to get a guardrail installed, but they got nowhere. The main problem was confusion over which government "arm" is responsible for the stretch of road.

Five On Your Side found out the city of Raleigh was responsible. Five On Your Side called the transportation director and provided accident reports. He assessed the situation and agreed a guardrail should be installed.

"I looked out my window and thought, 'Oh, my gosh, I have a guardrail.' I don't have to be on constant alert for splintering and screeching tires," McCoy said. "Just absolute relief. Absolute relief. This is wonderful. We are so happy."

McCoy and Evans now feel like they can repair their fence for the last time. They are planning a party to celebrate.


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