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Complaint Filed Against Benson School Bus Driver For Alleged Racial Remark

Posted September 20, 2002 6:04 a.m. EDT

— Johnston County school leaders are talking with a Benson bus driver about a racist comment the driver is accused of making.

Ericka Chisholm said her 13-year-old son was sitting with his friend, a Hispanic girl, on his school bus when the bus driver allegedly referenced the Bible and said the students should not be sitting together.

Chisholm said "'Momma, guess what the bus driver said to me? 'She said we need to stick with our own kind.' I said, 'Meaning what?' 'That blacks need to stay with blacks, and Mexicans need to stay with Mexicans.'"

Chisholm said the comment was racist and divisive.

School officials have talked with the driver, but because it is a personnel matter, they said they will not discuss what was said.

Officials said they will follow the letter of the law if it is proven the bus driver said something offensive. The driver has been with the Johnston County cchool system for about six years.