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Carpet Order Runs Short For Johnston County Homeowner

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CLAYTON, N.C. — New carpet can give a home a completely different look.The problem for John Benthall is that he feels the look is too different in one of his rooms.

From the butterscotch walls to the furniture and the artwork, one look around John and Ann Benthall's home and it is clear that color is the theme; however, the couple wanted carpet that was the same color throughout their home.

"It's a lighter shade on this side in the hall and over in the bedroom is a darker shade," John Benthall said of the noticeable color difference.

The Benthall's bought the carpet from Home Depot in May, paying almost $4,800. In the middle of the job, the installers told the Benthalls that they did have enough carpet to finish the job.

"I did not think it was a problem. I thought they could match the carpet," Benthall said.

When the installers brought more carpet a couple of weeks later, it was the wrong shade.

Benthall said a Home Depot representative told him that they would never be able to match the color exactly, so they would replace all of the carpeting. The next day, a manager said they would not do that.

Benthall told the manager to take up all the carpet and cancel the deal. Home Depot refused, and instead offered the homeowner $250 as compensation.

"I think that was quite insulting," Benthall said. "I paid 100 percent for a complete job of the same kind of carpet throughout the house which hasn't been delivered by the Home Depot."

Benthall called Five On Your Side. After six conversations with Five On Your Side and one with the Benthalls, Home Depot spokesman Don Harrison upped the compensation to $1,400.

Benthall still does not feel that is a fair amount.

"It doesn't work in our home to have a third bedroom that is a totally different shade than we have throughout the rest of our house," he said.

Benthall feels $2,800, or roughly half of what he paid, is fair compensation.

Harrison disagrees, saying that once the installers realized they did not have enough carpet, they should have stopped, pulled it up and started over with enough new carpet.

Harrison warns that dye lots seldom match. That is something to keep in mind if the installers run short while carpeting your home.


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