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Clayton Speeding Reaches Record High

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CLAYTON, N.C. — Johnston County Police

are looking at new strategies to control speeding problems in Clayton.

The speed limit on Highway 70 through Clayton is 45 mph. According to Lt. Robert Bridges of the Clayton Police Dept., some drivers seem to be unaware of this law.

"We're seeing 70, 80, 90 mph. 90? In the early morning hour between two and four, it's not uncommon for officers to clock someone in excess of 90 mph," said Bridges.

The local paper used to print all the speeding tickets, but due to number of tickets, was forced to cut back.


Clayton News-Star

decided only to print violations of 20 miles over the speed limit.

A town the size of Clayton usually does not have a traffic unit, but the town has four traffic officers. The town needs more officers because it is too busy trying to enforce speed laws, according to Bridges.

"We have used the speed trailers and we have taken a police car that is maybe broken down and put a dummy in it and hung a fake radar out the window just as a deterrent," said Bridges.

The highway patrol handles areas outside Clayton town limits. North Carolina Highway Patrol officer Sgt. Wade Bulloch said many drivers are not slowing down there either.

"Our secondary roads can not handle the 65 and 75 miles per hour that some motorists wish to drive," said Bulloch.

Bulloch said the problem is not limited to Clayton. Johnston County is at the top of the local list for the highest number of fatal crashes.

"It is a wide-open county. At times, I think people try to push it. Speed is an issue in the majority of fatal crashes," said Bulloch.

Officers hope speeding awareness can bring down the number of fatal crashes.


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