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Hanna's Rains Help Drought; Water Restrictions Remain In Effect

Posted September 16, 2002 10:44 a.m. EDT

— The weekend rain is helping the area's drought situation -- but the drought is far from over.

Robert Glosson measures University Lake in Orange County. Even though the lake is about five feet below normal, this weekend's rains have given Glosson something to smile about.

"We're 58 inches below full," he said. "It's helping out some. The lake's up two inches in a 24-hour period."

University Lake is one of two reservoirs that supply water for people in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. According to the National Weather Service, the rain did not fall heavy enough around the Triangle to make a big dent in the reservoir levels.

Most areas, including Chapel Hill, only got about an inch of rain.

"We're not out of the woods yet. Conservation is as important today as it was yesterday," Glosson said.

Conservation measures remain in place across the state, including every other day lawn watering rules in Raleigh. In Chapel Hill and Carrboro, all outdoor watering is banned.

That is why Chapel Hill resident Niko Paliouras was glad his lawn soaked up some rain.

"In the last couple of weeks it was really brown. Now there's little springs of green coming up," he said.