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Cary Man Carjacked At Gunpoint Near NCSU

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Cary man said he was carjacked at gunpoint near North Carolina State University last week.

He said he took the necessary precautions by parking under a street light, but that was not enough.

The carjacking victim, who does not want to be identified, considers himself very lucky. Last Sunday, he said he stopped to visit a friend at Dominion Walnut Creek Apartments off Gorman Street, near N.C. State's campus.

Before he could get out of his car, the man said he was attacked.

"I heard something running toward me. I turned to my left and looked back and there was guy with a gun to my face," he said.

The carjacking victim said a man demanded his car keys and his wallet. The suspect then hit the victim on the head with the gun several times while another man started the car.

"They guy with a gun still over me threatened to shoot me if I moved or made a sound. So I just kind of played dead, laid there and didn't say anything," he said.

The carjacking victim said the men took off and he was able to run to his friend's apartment to call for help. He said it is not the only recent incident of a carjacking near N.C. State's campus. He said he has learned of at least two others in the area, including one at Melrose Apartments.

Raleigh police have not confirmed the other carjacking incidents. They have found some of the carjacking victim's belongings, but not his car.

The carjacking victim said he has changed all of his locks at his home and installed a security system.