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Company Offers To Find Free Money...For Price

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RALEIGH, N.C. — One company is claiming to be able to reunite people with unclaimed money, but they are charging them for the information -- information they can get themselves for free. One woman was puzzled about the claims, so she called Five On Your Side.

Mattie Pooler saw a message on her caller ID that read unclaimed money and a number.

"I was just really puzzled. Maybe I have some and I got all excited about that," Pooler said.

Pooler called the number and was directed to lostfunds.com. She did not see her own name, but found her mother's name, Mattie Randall. She said if she wanted details, she would have to pay $22.

"I thought, Well, I've never heard of you paying money to receive your own money," Pooler said.

Even though she said it did not seem quite right, she went ahead and wrote a check and addressed it to a P.O. Box in Louisiana.

"I was fighting this battle with should I, shouldn't I, should I, shouldn't I. The should won," Pooler said.

Pooler spoke with Five on Your Side.

"I said I just put the check in the mailbox and she said, 'Did the mailman come yet?' I said no. She said, 'Well, go get it," Pooler said.

Pooler got her check in time, but other people are paying or thinking about paying for information that can found for free. Five On Your Side received several other calls from people getting calls from the same company that called Pooler -- Unclaimed Money Locators. The company lists thousands of names, but just because your name is on the list does not mean it is your name on the list.

"Just be aware. Just be aware and trust no one," Pooler said.

According to the state treasurer, Unclaimed Money Locators is not registered with the office as is required by law. As for Pooler, Five On Your Side checked the states where she and her mother have lived and have not come up with any missing money for them.


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