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Some May Be Cashing In With Sept. 11-Related Items

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RALEIGH, N.C. — From boosts in flag sales to symbolic attire, Americans have experienced a lot of pride this year, but the surge of patriotism has many asking the question, Is America making a financial profit from tragedy?

Officials say more than 150 books have been written about Sept. 11. One Raleigh minister, Camille Yorkey, said she is not profitting off her memoirs of Ground Zero.

"I had to buy back the copyright, and I'm $25,000 in the hole," she said.

However, some vendors are definitely making money. There are NYPD hats, T-shirts and action figures on store shelves. Even toy aisles have a Sept. 11 theme.

Shoppers have mixed opinions over the selling of Sept. 11-related items.

"It's going through too many hands for the money, so you never know how much people are actually getting from these funds," shopper Cedric Harvey said.

"I would want to remember it in a more meaningful way than buying a bunch of plastic toys," shopper Beth Melcher said.

Some items have a disclaimer saying a portion of the proceeds will go to Sept. 11-related funds, but it does not say how big that portion is.


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