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Five On Your Side Clears Up 'Mess' For Wake County Man

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — How would you like to look out your front window every day and see a big mess across the street? When a Wake County man could not get the property owner to clean it up, he called Five on Your Side for help.

Old, junky furniture and garbage can be seen in the yard across the street from Donnie McCullers' home.

"This is a nuisance and a hazard all in one. It's terrible," he said.

McCullers said when the tenants moved out almost two months ago, the landlord's crew cleaned out the house.

"They moved it all outside and left it," McCullers said.

McCullers said he has been trying to get landlord Norman Stanley to pick up the mess ever since.

"He just says, 'I'll put it on my list.' That's all," McCullers said.

So McCullers called Five on Your Side.

"We're fed up. I've spoken with every other homeowner in this circle here, and we're fed up with it, and we're going to take drastic measures if necessary to get something changed, so this will not continue to happen," McCullers said.

Five On Your Side called Norman Stanley. His office manager, Lee Fenner, claims it was the "first time" he had heard about the problem. He claimed the tenants did not leave the junk in the yard and did not know who did. Fenner sent a crew to clean up the mess that day. A few days later, crews cut the grass.

"I feel a lot better. I feel a lot better. I can live with this," McCullers said.

McCullers said he is not confident Stanley will keep mowing the yard because he said this is not the first time he has had problems like this. If you are living near a neighbor who is not keeping up his or her property, you can call your local zoning board and if it is a health hazard, you should contact the Health Department.


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