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Holly Springs Authorities On Lookout For Pack Of Stray Dogs

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HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. — Over the past month, authorities say four cats in Holly Springs have been killed by a small pack of stray dogs. Animal control officers captured one of the stray dogs, but they say there may be two or more are still loose, so neighbors are keeping a closer watch on their cats and their children.

In the Guess household, there are memories of Jasper. Kelly Guess remembers the day Jasper was killed -- Aug. 10.

"Saturday morning, we were woken up to the sound of barking and our cat screaming," she said.

Kelly's husband, Alex, ran into the back yard.

"He yelled at the dogs. They took Jasper to the back of the yard and dropped him. When my husband got to him, it was too late," she said.

The next day, Mike Perriccio saw not two but three dogs that looked like Rottweillers and a chow mix. He grabbed a shovel.

"They didn't growl, but they certainly weren't intimidated one bit. They held their ground for the most part," Perriccio said.

The dogs ran off, but the next week, Perriccio's outdoor cat was killed. Two more cats were also found dead. Holly Springs police set out traps, capturing one dog. Meanwhile, families fear not only for their pets but for their children.

"I do worry early in the morning when they go to the bus stop because that's when they seem to come through the neighborhood -- early in the morning," Guess said.

If you see dogs on the loose in the Holly Springs area, you are asked to call animal control or the Police Department. Authorities say the dogs in question are black maybe Rottweilers or a mixed breed. Officers say the dogs are dangerous.