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Prisoner Back In Custody After Escaping From Sheriff Deputy's Car

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Authorities caught an inmate who forced a female Hoke County deputy off the road and escaped from the scene.

Authorities say Richard Elliott, 20, of Raleigh, was in the back seat of a Hoke County deputy's car Wednesday afternoon near Creedmoor Road when he was somehow able to reach out through the dividing screen and grab the deputy who was driving. Authorities say Elliott had waist and leg irons on in the car.

Authorities say Elliott overpowered the deputy and caused her to veer off into a ditch. When Elliott escaped, he took the deputy's gun.

About four hours later, authorities found Elliott hiding under a bridge about a mile away from where he escaped.

Officials say Elliott was heading to the Polk Youth Center in Butner after a court date in Raeford. Authorities say Elliott had previously escaped from the Sandhills Youth Center.

"He has not done a whole lot of time, but in the time he has done, he has proven to be troublesome," said Keith Acree, of the state Department of Correction.

Authorities say the deputy was not seriously injured. Authorities are still looking for the gun he took from the deputy.

Hoke County Sheriff Jim Davis said it is their policy that one deputy can transport a prisoner and he said he does not plan to change that policy.