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DATA Buses To Implement New Passenger Behavior Policy

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DURHAM, N.C. — Passengers who ride

Durham Area Transit Authority

(DATA) buses should be on their best behavior. Starting Sunday, the bus system will implement a new passenger behavior policy.

Thomas Hartley, DATA's general manager, said the policy "essentially outlines for passengers the types of behavior or activity that won't be tolerated on buses."

The individuals affected will include those who:

  • Smoke or carry a lighted or smoldering pipe, cigar, or cigarette
  • Discard litter other than in designated receptacles, or defaces public property
  • Play any radio, recorder, or other sound-producing equipment, except when connected to earphones
  • Spit or expectorate, use profanity or communicate a threat
  • Carry any weapon, flammable liquid, explosive, acid or other article or material likely to cause harm to others.
  • Intentionally disturb others by engaging in loud or unruly behavior.
  • Consume or are under the influence of any intoxicating beverage or drug.
  • If a passenger refuses to get off the bus, DATA officials say the driver will then pull the bus over and wait for the police.