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DOT To End Inner, Outer References To Beltline

Posted August 27, 2002 5:26 a.m. EDT

— After much debate, officials with the state Department of Transportation say they will drop inner and outer references to the Interstate 440 Beltline.

Reaction to the DOT's plan has drawn mixed reviews from motorists.

"Take it from an out-of-towner, I'm from Charlotte and I think the Beltline system is very, very confusing," motorist Covache Ratliff said. "I have a brother that goes here to N.C. State and everytime I come to visit, which I'm here now visiting him, I don't know how to get anywhere."

"I think that's just wasting money. They can't change the configuration. The configuration is what is confusing, not the names," motorist Rob Whiteside said. "If you've got a map, you can learn the configurations."

Officials say the section on the southern side of Raleigh from U.S. Highway 1 at Crossroads to the current I-40 will be called I-40 East and West. The area from Crossroads to Wade Avenue to Glenwood to U.S. Highway 1 to Highway 64 and back to I-40 will be called I-440 East and West.

Back in March, the DOT simplified several signs on I-40 as motorists approached the Beltline.