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Police, N.C. State Brace For Annual Brent Road Party

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Brent Road party near N.C. State's campus has had a reputation for attracting a loud and somewhat rowdy crowd, but in recent years, more police patrols have turned down the volume on the back-to-school bash.

Police patrols appear to be ready for the annual back-to-school bash. Officials say they are bringing in Portapotties and no-parking posters are being placed throughout the neighborhood -- a sure sign that they mean business, much to the diappointment of N.C. State student Justin Wright.

"I think it's kind of a shame. I know where they're coming from, but it's a tradition. I think we don't have too many anymore," he said. "I think it's one they're trying to kill off."

N.C. State University is again extending an invitation for students to have their fun and games on campus on Saturday. School officials hope their own party will entice students to stay away from Brent Road.

"The fact that it was close, I didn't have to go anywhere. I just walked out of my dorm and walked down the steps and there were all the bands, I guess, and the games," student Lisa Pearce said.

After the football game Saturday night, students with game tickets can head to the Entertainment and Sports Arena, where they will be showing movies.

If students decide to go Brent Road and they happen to get in trouble, school officials say they could face charges through the campus judicial system.

Officials claim there were more police officers than students at last year's back to school bash on Brent Road in Raleigh. Officers arrested 42 people on minor drug and alcohol charges last year, of which 16 were N.C. State students. Forty-nine people were arrested in 2000 and police made 366 arrests in 1999.