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NCSU Freshmen Boast Highest GPA On Record

Posted August 20, 2002 8:59 a.m. EDT

— North Carolina State University is looking smarter than ever thanks to its newest students.

Incoming freshmen have a 4.01 high school grade point average, the highest on record at the university.

The straight-A students have quite a list of accomplishments.

"This year we had over 102 valedictorians in our class and 80 salutatorians. So 200 members of a class of 3,600 were the top two kids in their entire class, which is a very impressive statistic," said George Dixon, NCSU admissions director.

Incoming freshmen at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are equally impressive.

"[Duke] brings in, if memory serves, around 1,600 freshmen. We bring in 3,600 freshmen. If you took our top 1,600 freshmen, they would look every bit as strong as Duke's 1,600 freshmen," Dixon said,

How does NCSU compare with incoming freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill?

"[They are] a little bit stronger than ours; not significantly, but a little," Dixon said.

Besides grades, SAT scores are also rising at N.C. State, where incoming freshmen had an average score of 1,193, a 20-point jump from a year ago.