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Experts: Fall Is Best Time For Reseeding Lawns

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Because of the drought, most people have given up trying to keep their


green this summer, but experts believe there is hope in the fall.

The hot dry summer has left lawns burned and residents trying to figure out how to revive them.

"We're planning on replanting in the fall -- September or October -- but we are hoping that there won't be water restrictions in place at that time so we can water and the seed will come out." resident Robin Sealy said.

Being able to water freely would be nice, but it is not critical to successful reseeding. Even though the state is still in the drought, experts suggest the next three to four weeks will be a great time to think about re-seeding your yard.

"We are kind of rolling the dice with the weather, but we think it's a good bet. One of the main driving forces there is that tall fescue seed is fairly cheap," N.C. State professor Fred Yelverton said.

For the average-size yard in Wake County, the seed cost would be less than $60. With so many lawns damaged, hardware and garden stores, businesses are expecting strong seed sales this year.

"If we get proper rainfall, we are probably going to have a record grass seed season. That's what we are anticipating," said Jim Garriss, of Burke Brothers Hardware.

Yelverton said if it does not rain, don't worry. Fescue seed will generally sit there and wait until the water comes, and he said the ideal planting time is near.

Until you seed, Yelverton warns not to cut grass too short. Keeping it at 3.5 inches is one way to fight the drought.


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