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Make Breakfast Part Of Back-To-School Routine

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Most parents are making sure their students have all the necessary supplies to get off to a good start in school, however they could be missing one important item every child needs to help them succeed.

Without breakfast, most children will not do their best at school.Studies show that as many as 48 percent of girls and 32 percent of boys do not eat breakfast every day.

While breakfast is typically a small meal, it can make a big difference in a child's performance at school, according to the studies.

Research finds children who eat breakfast have a more positive attitude about learning. Studies show they score higher in most areas of study, including math and science, than children who skip breakfast. Those students also generally have higher grade point averages.

The studies show children who eat breakfast are better able to concentrate, so they are more prepared to learn. They have fewer school absences for illness and studies show that breakfast eaters have fewer behavior problems at school.

The bottom line: Children who eat breakfast at home or at school are more prepared for success than those who skip breakfast.

Breakfast does not have to be burdensome or traditional breakfast-type foods. Leftover spaghetti, a turkey sandwich -- even a slice of leftover pizza will do.

Breakfast can be quick and easy. Here are some ideas from the

American Dietetic Association


  • ready-to-eat cereal with fruit and milk
  • toasted bagel with cheese
  • fruit-filled breakfast bar and yogurt
  • toasted waffle topped with fruit and yogurt
  • fruit smoothie (fruit and milk combined in a blender)
  • peanut butter on whole-wheat toast
  • The best way for parents to make sure their children eat breakfast is to have breakfast themselves. Adults will find they have more energy and are more productive, too.


    Michelle Singer, Web Editor

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